We aim for the sky
(and beyond)

From high end investor’s meeting to product introduction, we make sure that everything is in sync. We aim for the sky to produce business events that engage and create a meaningful experience. The journey begins with clarity on goals and ways of working together, providing a clear scope for everyone involved.

To us every event is a new challenge

We come up with effective and creative solutions that stretch the boundaries between culture, commerce, content and collaboration. We have a vision for the future, aiming to make the most effective use of budgets, assets and our team’s multidisciplinary talent. When in sync, everything vibes and events become unforgettable.

What we value

Standing in the eye of the storm. That’s where you can find us in the heat of the moment. We always (yes always) go the extra mile and are 101% committed to our clients, projects and deadlines. You can rely on us, pinky promise.
We don’t fancy expensive words. We are down to earth event professionals, who have been around. One glance is often enough to see what is needed. Than we take the necessary actions to solve the problem and bring an event to the next level. Only in sync of course with team members, goals and creative concept.
We’ve mastered the art of blending in. As a relatively small and agile agency we feel at ease in the board room and in the workplace. Weaving teams together and connecting the dots. We’re always respectful, but we also share our honest professional opinion.
Creating something outstanding means standing out, neck first. We can help with that. We will wear soft gloves and a kind smile. But we will not ask you to play it safe. We like to stretch boundaries and also explore the outside of the box. As long as it adds meaning to your message.
We walk through fire for each other. That’s what team work in essence is about. Work hard, play harder and celebrate together at the finish line. That’s when we bring out the ‘bitterballen’, a traditional Dutch snack filled with meat or beet, depending on your preferences.
We are a tribe. We thrive on co-creation and commitment. In our company and project teams everyone is a valuable part of the whole. We believe co-ownership is the new way of organizing events. That’s why we build a dedicated team for each assignment. A start-up way of working, keeping things ánd thinking fresh and innovative.

Our powerhouse

By combining our strengths in agile project teams, we invent new ways of co-creation and co-ownership, that bring out the best in people. This results in events with a long-lasting impact, bringing people, brands and enterprises together to evolve and celebrate life. Meet the team.